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Again, wearing this project on our sleeves… lots of information to share. I hope I don’t miss anything.

As you probably know, we were set back in certification by a critical part that needed to be retooled. That change has now been completed (certification is still in process) and that delay has affected the launch schedule (this part drives me crazy). Given that… here are the dates we are locking down.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a difficult project and there is a remote possibility that something could come up to further affect the schedule. While the odds are pretty low for that happening, it is still possible.

November 2nd. This is the carrier launch date for AT&T, Verizon and Telcel (Mexico). Shipping only aluminum and colors are Black and Shadow. Titanium will not be available from the carriers until 2019 and then in very limited quantities. Price will be $1295 for aluminum Black and Shadow. We appreciate the patience and support that the carriers have shown the past few months.

October 9th. This is the release date for HYDROGEN Pre-order customers. Black aluminum will ship 1st and Titanium models will follow shortly after. The Ti version has proven to be very challenging in production. My bet is that these will be highly desirable and extremely hard to get for several months even after the official launch. If you were brave on this one, you will be rewarded with scarcity.

August 31st thru September 11th. This is the release date for the Houdini Developer’s Model. There will be an event at RED Studios Hollywood to kick off delivery of this program on August 31st. Quantities for Houdini are EXTREMELY Limited. I guarantee there will not be enough slots for all that want to jump in so read carefully and then email as soon as you can if you want in. 1st come, 1st serve. If you already signed up for Houdini, just confirm you are OK with the change in the program.

All August 31st Houdini units will be Black. Ti Houdini units will ship in September. UPDATE. Ti Houdini has no confirmed date yet.

What is Houdini? It is a developer’s pre-release model of HYDROGEN. Join the HYDROGEN Army and help us tune it up before the official launch.

Houdini is a PVT HYDROGEN Production Sample with pre-release firmware/software. It works very well. However several of our apps are still in final development and there are a few bug-scenarios we need your help to find. There is a Feedback App we will ask you to use if you encounter any issues.

Houdini is OTA capable and will receive upgrades on a weekly basis. You will need to do the upgrades when they are released.

The Camera app, camera color science, Player app, and 3D/4V conversion apps work but are still under construction with several updates coming before the official launch in November. All image capture file sizes are not fully supported (most are).

It does come with the 128BG Micro SD card “cookie”.

To qualify for Houdini you will need to:

  1. Have a pre-order in place now.

  2. Agree to the Terms and Conditions. (see below)

  3. If you work for or have affiliation with a competing company you are excluded from the Houdini program.

By signing up for Houdini you will become part of the HYDROGEN Army… helping us prepare for the final launch product. This program is NOT intended to be for people who want to do a review or post results because it is NOT a finished product at this point. Say or post whatever you want AFTER the official launch in November. Until then give us feedback we can use to make the program better.

We reserve the right to brick the device if used for any purpose other than giving us constructive feedback. If you are a vocal critic or reviewer, wait until after the launch.

What you can post?

  1. Pictures of the device. Just don’t disassemble to look inside. :slight_smile:

  2. Good images from the camera (if you have bad images we need to know 1st… remember this is a development platform).

  3. Say nice things. We never will limit that. However posting about bugs, problem or issues is not cool since we are giving ourselves a chance to make things better and eliminate problems with this program before the official launch.

How do I sign up for Houdini?

By signing up for Houdini you are TRADING your pre-order release model for the Houdini Development Model. Please make sure you understand this and agree the terms below before hitting the button.

Then email the address below.

Additionally, if you are unhappy in any way with the new (and delayed) schedule, you always have the option for a full refund.


HOUDINI Special Terms and Conditions

All pre-orders, updated orders or purchase of the Houdini edition of the Hydrogen One product (“Houdini Device”) are subject to the Terms and Conditions of Purchase (“Terms”) located at [Hydrogen Terms and Conditions of sale](Hydrogen Terms and Conditions of Sale) and these Houdini Special Terms and Conditions (“Houdini Terms”).

  1. You agree to the Terms and these Houdini Terms.
  2. You understand and agree that the Houdini Device is a developer unit and not a final product. The Houdini Device is a pre-launch unit and is intended for testing and feedback. You understand that the Houdini Device may not have certifications in your country of use at this time.
  3. You agree to provide feedback on the Houdini Device only on the Feedback App on the Houdini Device. You agree not to make a post, communication or disclosure regarding problems, bugs or other issues of the Houdini Device online, by electronic transmission or otherwise. Violation of this Section 3 will cause you to lose all potential future rewards or upgrades and your Houdini Device will become inoperable.
  4. To qualify for the Houdini Device you must have a current pre-order of the Hydrogen One. Limited number of Houdini Devices. Not all pre-orders will be accepted. We have the right to cease this program at any time or reject any pre-order.
  5. The Houdini Device is an unlocked phone and is not made for use with any particular cellular carrier.

Sign up here-


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Terrible Houdini selection process
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